Rely on your Acquisition system for real-time work guidance.
Encompassing all team members across the acquisition lifecycle, real-time work guidance supports the completion of actions from advanced procurement planning to post-award activities.
Proactive and reliable notification of work in progress, upcoming tasks and milestone events.

Knowledge-driven guidance for the entire acquisition process and document creation.

Real-time process metrics for actions progressing through the lifecycle states.
Collaborate Effectively.
Sharing information easily with your customers while seeking and getting help from your managers and peers is essential.
Leverage key organizational experiences and knowledge to accelerate the completion of your work.

Share documents, information, and milestone events common to the entire team.

Understand the context of your work against agency-wide operational metrics and reports.
Easily Manage and Balance Workload.
Understanding where work is assigned, its progress, and where new work should be allocated is integral to an effective organization.
Real-time views of workload within a team, down to the individual level across the enterprise.

Breakdowns of acquisition activity volume by phase, from planning to closeout and archiving.

Simple ways to manage workload assignment based on accurate operational metrics.
Avoid Painful, time consuming reporting processes
Today's demand for transparency and externally driven insight into an Agency's mission effectiveness requires easy, on demand management information. DSI's operational reporting process provides:
Standard data capture as work progresses, enabling managemanet information on demand.

Configurable acquisition data capture and enforcement to meet agency specific reporting needs.

Drag and drop Ad-hoc and recurring reports, immediately available to internal and external parties.
Learn, understand, and apply current agency policy
Having the ability to easily and consistently produce policy compliant document content streamlines the review process, avoids vendor confusion, and reduces rework.
Recommend document content based on an automated business conversation

Advanced search engine capability ensuring instant access across volumes of acquisition documents.

Accurate and timely updates of regulatory and agency prescriptive language, clauses and provisions.